Environmental Technologies

THE geofiltros


GeoFiltros is a Brazilian start-up that seeks to build a sustainable world, where the interests of economic and social development work together with environmental needs. Founded in mid-2019 in the context of the largest incidence of oil spills that the Brazilian coast has ever suffered, GeoFiltros believes in science and technology as an important driving force for social and economic transformation. Therefore, our team focuses its efforts on the development of technological solutions that become tools in the prevention and remediation of environmental accidents.

Our mission


Armed with scientific knowledge and cutting-edge technical capacity, our mission is to develop technologies in new materials that can make industrial processes more sustainable and actions for remediation and containment of environmental accidents more agile and efficient.

Our Team

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation is our differential. The GeoFiltros team believes in ideas that can make industrial processes more sustainable. So we are proud to have an interdisciplinary team committed to the environment. Know who is part of our team:

Felipe F. de Carvalho

Material Scientist

Fabíola Silveira

Environmental Manager

Marcelo Reis
Comercial Manager